[WATCH] How-To Upload a Video to Your Property Management Company Facebook Page

Facebook is the here and now of online users and digital audiences. And it’s only growing as a video hosting platform.

Property Management companies can very easily post videos of their up-and-coming rentals on their Facebook page. This DM4PM how-to video explains the process in very simple terms so that you can not only get your videos displayed to Facebook’s vast audience, but also optimize it for search and convenience.

Here are some additional tips for posting video to your property management Facebook page:

Ideal Post Length

Facebook video posts tend to be short in duration.

Try to sum up your post in one or two short sentences that include what you’re posting, why you’re posting it, and what a viewer should take away from the post.

Searchability (SEO)

Since you can search Facebook for videos, so including tags and keywords can be a great way to help viewers find your content.

Be sure to include a proper title and a few tags, and re-hash the keywords in the post.

Cross-Page Linking

Another way to optimize is by cross-page linking. When you write your post, you can create links to other pages, people, or groups. All you need to do is type the @ sign and begin typing the page’s name to bring up a list.

Pro-tip: this can be a little tricky sometimes, so be sure to know the page’s exact name when you’re ready to cross-link.