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Consumers expect businesses to respond to reviews—and are disappointed when they don’t.

A whopping 63% of people say that a business has never responded to their review — either positive or negative. That’s a lot of customers being ignored!

Responding to online reviews is CRITICAL in not only building a positive online presence, but also encouraging others to leave feedback and engage with your business.

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6 in 10 consumers look to the Internet
for reviews about a business

While you can’t control what people write, you can control how you respond. And, you HAVE TO respond.

Whether you’ve received a glowing 5-star review, or a gut-punching negative comment — a response from you means that you care; care about the health of your business, and care about customer service.

If you aren’t doing this yet and don’t know exactly what to say — we’re here to help.

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40 FREE Template Responses to Online Reviews (Good & Bad)