[WATCH] How-To Upload a Video to Your Property Management Company Facebook Page

Facebook is the here and now of online users and digital audiences. And it’s only growing as a video hosting platform. Property Management companies can very easily post videos of their up-and-coming rentals on their Facebook page. This DM4PM how-to video explains the process in very simple terms so that you can not only get your videos…

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NOW AVAILABLE: Does Facebook Advertising Really Work? [Full Report]

Social media marketing has become an important part of business growth. If a property management company does not have a presence on social media, there’s a good chance it’s losing out on clients. This is why even the smallest brands are leveraging social advertisements and engagement to boost their conversions — particularly on Facebook. But…

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5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Local Business Using Facebook Ads

Local marketing has never been easier than it is today. This is thanks to Facebook advertising, which offers affordable ads that reach your exact target demographic. Unlike other forms of advertising, you have total control over the entire process. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to grow and make more money. 1 –…

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